Our experienced team provides quality services for all your HVAC needs. We will service all makes and models to make sure your system is running the way you need it. Our services include the following:  

Air Conditioning Repair and Installation

There are many things that can go wrong and cause an air conditioner to either work poorly or not work at all. Is your air conditioner not blowing cold air? Is it too loud? Does it give off a bad odor? Whether you have central air conditioning, or a ductless unit, we'll find the problem and get your AC up and running.  We'll also help you clean and maintain your system so it continues to work for years to come. 

Furnace Repair and Installation

Having a furnace that doesn't work can be a very stressful thing to happen, especially during our cold winters. Having your furnace checked and maintained on a regular basis will help prevent any unexpected breakdowns. If your furnace is blowing continuously, cycling too often, waking you up at night because it's too loud, or you just want to have is cleaned, our team of friendly technicians are happy to solve your furnace issues.

Gas Fittings

If you need to have your gas furnace, stove, or fireplace installed, inspected, tested, or serviced, we can do that too. We aim to be your go to HVAC company for any heating service you need.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Heat pumps can offer an energy efficient alternative to your traditional furnaces and air conditioners. If you'd like to discuss if a heat pump will work for your home, give us a shout!



Is your hot water running out after 1 person has a shower? When you turn your kitchen tap to hot, is it luke warm? These are signs you may need a new boiler. Let us come take a look to determine if it needs a repair or a replacement.



Commercial refrigeration repairs and installations need to be done by experienced and qualified contractors. Your system might have multiple evaporators, compressors, or condensing units. No job is too big or too small for us to take on.



Having clean, dust and containment free air is important no matter if it's at home or work. Our know-how of the whole process of exchanging or replacing the air in any space allows us to make sure you have the best indoor air quality possible. From whole home HEPA filtration systems to indoor air quality, we're the right choice for cleaner air. 


New Residential & Commercial Construction

We help homeowners and home builders with installation of complete heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems for new construction homes. Let us hep you finish your job on time and on budget. 


Commercial Tenant Upgrades & Renovations

Improving and maintaining your commercial property can be overwhelming. But it's important for the comfort of your tenants. Whether you have a large office building or a small retail space, Southern Comfort Air Conditioning is here for you!